Car Nation Canada Shares The Toys To Spread The Joy At McMaster Children's Hospital
(Hamilton, ON) - The Paletta family and Jennifer Laughton, VP Development, McMaster Children's Hospital thank the community for your support in our holiday toy drive

When hospitals come to mind we often think of saddness, dread, and stress. However, Jennifer Laughton assures us that McMaster Children's Hospital is one of the happiness places around. It's filled with hope, faith, happiness and support from the families that are going through similar experiences.

The 1,000,000 square feet facilities is home to some of the greatest medical minds, innovation, and procedure techniques. It is also the busiest pediatric hospital in the area, just second to SickKid. It houses 165 medical beds and approximately 50,000 emergency visit annually providing care from newborns up to age 18! Although, these numbers may sound daunting, the hospital is highly specialized making McMaster Children's Hospital the primary provider of tertiary health care services for children in Hamilton and the surrounding region. To learn more about the history, facts and figures of this amazing institution click here.

There are so many great things happening within the walls of the hospitals but the real brave souls are the ones lying in the beds. Many patients will not be able to go home to their families or enjoy family dinners because they are undergoing various treatments. But, that does not mean they have to miss out on the spirit of Christmas! Santa will still be making a stop at McMaster Children's Hospital with all his toys.

This year Car Nation Canada delivered a truckload of toys to the hospital. These toys will be sorted and delivered to the children and their siblings on Christmas Eve in time for Christmas morning. When the children wake up, they will be surprised with gifts under their beds! We would like to thank the community for the toys which will help make the healing process for these children a little bit easier. As we learned, these are not toys of play but to the children they are a part of the their healing experience.

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Team Unique Chrysler Spreading Extra Cheer and Thanks To Our Heroes At The Burlington Fire Department
(Burlington, ON)- Some of the staff at Unique Chrysler took a field trip to thank our service men and women at the Burlington Fire Department

You don't have to have super powers to be a hero. Just take the team at the Burlington Fire Department; they are the unsung heroes in our community. With Christmas just around the corner, some of the serving men have to spend Christmas and the holidays away from their families to keep the community safe. The team here at Unique Chrysler want to thank everyone at the Burlington Fire Department for their commitment, dedication, and efforts to keeping us and our families sound and secure.

With turkeys in tow, some of the staff at Unique Chrysler headed down to the fire department to donate to the service men for their communal dinner. The Burlington Fire Department has been collecting for the Burlington Food Bank for the past few months. Instead of taking the turkeys for the fire department, the men and women will be donating the turkeys to the Burlington Food Bank. Thank you to the Burlington Food Bank for providing families with healthy, fresh, and nutritious food so that holiday dinners can be enjoyed during this festive season!

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Car Nation Canada Donates $5,000 Towards McMaster University For Breast Cancer Research

(Juravinksi Hospital - Hamilton, ON) Donation efforts will go towards innovative breast cancer research at McMaster University with Dr. Mark Levine

Breast cancer is a harrowing illness that is all too familiar. We either know someone going through the illness, been diagnosed, know a survivor or have conquered it ourselves. Whatever, the case may be, it's an illness that impacts thousands of lives. In 2016, 25,700 women were diagnosed with breast cancer.  While these numbers seem gloom, what we can rejoice about is the innovative research that happens in our city.

Hamilton is the hub for breakthrough health science research with academic institutions such as McMaster University, teaching and research hospitals under the Hamilton Health Sciences umbrella. In every institution, there is a superstar worth mentioning.

At McMaster, Dr. Mark Levine is seen by his patients and students as a superhero. You can find him running to labs picking up his patients' test instead of the usual lab runner. When he is not taking care of his patients, he spends a majority of his time as an active clinical trials investigator in the areas of breast cancer research and has performed research in quality of life, and breast-cancer decision making. He strongly believes in teaching and shaping young minds that come in and out of classrooms to champion the future of medicine and healthcare.

Car Nation Canada is extremely proud to be able to donate funds for the Buffett Taylor Research Chair in Breast Cancer Research in which Dr. Levine is a part of. It is wonderful and a true blessing to be able to support an incredible and progressive institution in our local community.  To learn more about Dr. Levine's research, click here.

Remember, this holiday season you don't have to look very far to be grateful for what we have! Thank you to our customers who help us support our charitable efforts that impact the community around us!

Share A Toy, Spread the Joy: Unique Chrysler Toy Drive to Benefit McMaster Children's Hospital Foundation

(HAMILTON,ON) Annual Toy Drive for MacKids. PHOTO CRED: McMaster Children's Hospital

The Holidays are about giving back and what other way to give back then to McMaster Children's Hospital? They are the leading medical institution specializing in pediatric medicine, located in Hamilton, ON. Often times, we see miracles happen in their rooms but it's not always all fun and smiles. Which is why this year, Car Nation Canada wants to make the holidays for these children a little brighter and fuller. There is nothing more touching and rewarding than to see a child's face light up with pure happiness. What better way to make them smile? Toys, of course! And lots of it!

This Holiday season, Car Nation Canada, a southwestern dealer group with 11 dealerships and sub-brands will be collecting toys to fill up a pick-up truck. From November 14 to Dec. 16, 2016, Car Nation Canada's Unique Chrysler dealership will be collecting toy donations. Our efforts will go directly to McMaster Children's Hospital Foundation and benefit the MacKids. How can you help brighten a child's holiday? It's as simple as visiting any one of Car Nation Canada's participating dealerships and dropping off toy donations. Remember, there is no package that is too small. Toys of all shapes, sizes and colours are welcomed!

Directions to Unique Chrysler here.

What happens if I drop off my donations after Dec. 16? Not to worry. McMaster Children's Hospital Foundation is always accepting donations any time of year. Our goal is to be able to lift a child's spirits and bring laughter into their lives just in time for the holiday season - but this is important all year around. If you can't drop off your donations at any one of our dealerships in time. Not to worry! Contact one of the program coordinators at McMaster Children's Hospital Foundation here and see how you can help!

Thank you in advance and we look forward to making a child's spirits brighter!

August 22 2014 -
GM Mike Carobelli & Unique Chrysler take up the ALS challenge and donates $100 to ALS!


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